7 Tools That every Digital Marketers Should Use 2019

Here is the 7 tools which  I have personally used these all tools and I strongly recommend you to use these  tools. These 7 seven tools of designing can help you to bring your creative ideas


  •  Canva is the best tool to make amazing design by using the existing templates on canva .com .
  •  you can upload your photos , edit them , use them in frame and use the 1000 of free templates
  • They have all the standard of templates that you required for facebook advertisement,  instgram advertisment, facebook, instgarm, twitter ,linkedin all the social media posts , visiting card banner and more.
  •  You can create amazing designs either on website or can download its applications
  •  Canva app  is absolutely free.

Designs for every part of your life

  • Evite designer
  • Invitation maker
  • Card maker
  • Poster maker
  • Logo creator
  • Flyer maker
  • Label or name tag maker
  • Create blog banners
  • Create email headers
  • Photo collage maker

2. Bobble:

  • Availble for  both Android and IOS
  • U can create or use existing temp board on the current trends
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • Create carry sketches
  • Make cool gip
  • Best for creating memes Create memes
  • They also create amazing post on recent trends .

Bobble  Keyboard is available Regional Language :

  • Hindi keyboard
  • Bengali keyboard
  • Marathi keyboard
  • Tamil keyboard
  • Urdu and Arabic Keyboard
  • Bahasa Indonesia keyboard
  • Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Odia, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Manipuri, Dogri, Santali, Konkani, Marwari, Maithili, Sindhi and Nepali keyboards


  • We have got tons of emojis (smileys/emoticons) added on the keyboard.
  • Bobble Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically predict
  • Emojis, Memes, Stickers, and GIFs on your favourite chat app.
  • Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter.
  • Voice Typing — Easily dictate text on the go.
  • Word Correction — Smart enough to recognize mistyping, provide correct

 3. Typorama:

  •   Available for ios
  •  Absolutely free of cost
  •  Allows to use greate font templates
  • You can even upload your images , edit them , retext them and can choose existing fonts to make your post look like designed by professional designer.

Use Typorama to

  • Make beautiful typographic text layouts
  • Create Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts with stylish text designs
  • Create flyers and posters for your events or organization
  •  Make headers for your blog or wallpapers for your iPhone

4. Word swag:

  •  Availble for both android and Ios
  • Its not free but . it costs nearly  3$.
  • It is great alternative of typonama
  • Its not free but . it costs nearly  3$.

Use Word Swag to:

  • Make your own stylish quotes
  • Make beautiful graphics for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
  • Make graphics for your blog
  • Caption your photos
  • Create announcements and flyers
  • Give your words a designer look!
  • It can  help you to make some amazing images.

    5. Quick:

  •  Make quick videos using quick
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • Availbke for both Android and IOS.
  • It Allows to add , photos , gif and use from predefined video campaigns


  • CHOOSE YOUR THEME From 23 Themes


  • Free of cost
  • Availble for  both Android and IOS
  • Used to edit images & videos to add text at top and bottom of the videos
  • You can add filters and stickers to your videos that makes video more attractive
  • You can even combine 2 to 3 videos in one frame.


  • Video Trimmer & Video Cutter & Video Splitter
  • Video Merger & Video Joiner
  • Video Filters and Video Effects
  • Add Music to the Video
  • Video Speed Control
  • Video Cropper
  • Text & Sticker
  • Video Rotate & Video Flip
  • Video Converter & Photo slideshow
  •  Collage mode & Photo Editor
  • Easy to Share


  • It can help to bring your creativity to the next level by adding effects
  • Free of costs


  • Unique Music Magic filter
  • Acting & Lipsync
  • Unique 4D magic all around the world
  • The world’s neatest technology “superpowers”
  • Magic Touch
  • Face stickers
  • Magic Live
  • AI Beauty Filters

These are 7 tools that should be in your pocket as a digital Marketer. I have used these all apps personally and I strongly recommend you to ues these  tools.

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