Who I’m ?

Hello visitors, in this world of digital chaos, here is my area of comfort where I write my thoughts on various valuable Digital Marketing topics which I come across in my day to day life.

I live by a simple mantra, ‘By sharing one’s knowledge, each individual can learn more’. So to all my Digital Friends, you are most welcome here to

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About Me:

I am Amit Singh, an eligible Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications. What started as a sneaky habit of using Social Media in College, turned out to be a great idea for a career choice.

Everything started in the 3rd year while watching a video titled, ‘7 important skills required to be a Digital Marketer’ by Sorav Jain. Until that time, I had to idea Digital Marketing was a big thing and this was when my moment of truth dawned and I realized that my passion can very effectively be turned into profession. I vowed to be a Digital Marketer.

I refused various campus job offers during my end semesters as my thirst for dream job grew more and more. For the first few months after my college, I was a self made Digital Marketer already and after some hard work and perseverance, I am now an established SEO analyst at echoVME, the very organization who gave me my first spark at my dream job.

This is however the first of many good things to come. Follow my blog for regular updates for all the new things I learn on my path. Join me on various Social Media Platforms to stay connected. Digital Amit welcomes you.