10 Extremely important SEO Tips

As we all knows that SEO is very important for our website.Here i am going to give you the top 10 SEO tips which can improve you website ranking in short period.

Keyword Research

Whatever we search on google or any search engine is called keyword. The is the very important part of our website because , by using keyword only people reach to our  website. So, it is very important to to select keyword related to your website content.

Here is some tools which you can use for keyword research :

  1. Understand Your Competition:

We used to do competition analysis in order to check our position in the marketing compare to our competitors. It will also helps you to know that what is your competitors  strength and weakness.

Here is 6 steps are given for competition analysis.

Step 1: Define your market

Step 2: Make a list of your direct competitors

Step 3: Analise competitors

Step 4: Summaries competitor product and market strategies

Step 5: Compare competitor’s Product with your products

Step 6: Keep your competitive analysis accurate up-to-date

  1. Plan Your Site
  2. Optimize Your Site :

Optimize your site according to search engines. your main focus should be your website visitors not the google because someone said well that if visitors loves  your website google will also love your website and will award it on high rank.

  1. Produce Regular Content:

Try to update your website on regular basis because if your website is updated with new contents on regular basis visitors will attract to your website and it also increase your websites ranking higher.

6.Public Relations :

Maintain a good relationship with your customers or visors, provide them the exact content, what they are looking for. If people not found what they are looking for than they will not visit your website again.

  1. Build Your Social Media Network

Social media plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. This is the platform where you can promote your website. This is the main source of website’s traffic. Maintain the good relationship with your audience on social media. try to engaged with more people on different social media platforms and convince them to visit your website or blog.


  1. Understand Google Analytics :

Google analytics is a tool which is used to analyses the audience behavior on your site. For Example ..

How much time visitor spend on your website?

On which page visitor spend more time?

What is your bounce rate?

How many users are active now on your website?

How many visitors come on your website this month or this week?

How many visitors come on your website last month or this week?

  1. Read an SEO Blog :

Follow the SEO blog written by SEO experts. it will help you to keep update your knowledge  about SEO. SEO or Digital Marketing is a field where you must be update your knowledge.


  1. Ask Questions to experts :

The last but not the least. Keep asking questions to the experts.


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